Are you looking for help to feel better, explore aspects of your life or feel happier? Would you like to take control of your life, have a space where you can think and feel safe? 

Do you have concerns which have troubledyou for some time or which may be the result of a recent event, crisis of loss? Do you feel confused, worried or anxious? Are you struggling with some aspect of your life or with something that has happened or is troubling you? 

People choose to seek counselling and therapy for many reasons. Some people come with a clear idea about what they would like help with. Others may feel confused or unsure of how or where to start. people have never accessed help and support from anywhere before. Others may have a diagnosis or have been prescribed medication or have been to see a psychologist, psychiatrist or therapist before. 

You may have been thinking about seeking help for some time or have previously been to see a counsellor or therapist. 

People will often seek help from a therapist for the following reasons: 

  • Low mood - feeling exhausted, under pressure or worn out.

  • Anxiety, worry and stress.

  • Traumatic events – accidents, victim of crime, abuse or domestic violence

  • History of childhood sexual, physical or emotional abuse

  • Relationship or family difficulties

  • Work pressure – financial worries, work/life balance

  • Major life changes - divorce, bereavement, pregnancy, illness

  • Loss of confidence